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All I'm Gonna Say About That

Uploaded .

Final version of this tune - voice and guitar, banjoe accompaniment

i’m still getting used to this new mic and finding my voice sounds different with or i’m singing differently because of it. So .. feedback appreciated, and if you like it you have impeccable taste!

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another cultural landslide said

Classic! w;-)

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Reefwalker said

original, cool tun. your vocals are perfect

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Wildgeas Music said

I wanna play my washboard :)

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Wildgeas Music said

Perfect Mr. Gumbo. Clean and appropriately mixed for your style. Which I think is totally original.

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richardlaceves said

very nice,,i like it fine,, vocals, and music seem to fit quite well together in style and mix,,, i guess in some part it depends on what your trying to achieve,, but as an outsider to the process, i think it's quite nice

Guest said

there something about strings that put me in a good mood, low fi folk...nice

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A Bit More Better Productions said

like the stumbly rhythm to this.. cant see anything particularly adversely affected vocals wise butty. sounds fine to me. thats all im onna say about that

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Rob and Laura said

Thanks for implying my taste is impeccable!

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Gumbo said

thanks for the kind words and the feedback guys and gals - i'm not sure you can even find my voice with a spade, tho .... i shall have a play around with the Eq and see if i can make head or tail of it. It's not something i've used much to tell the truth (and why not tell the truth once in a while eh?) so i might actually learn something.

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Movement To Contact said

I agree with kavin, it does lend itself to an old 78, but i like it. I think it fits well for the style of music.

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kavin. said

I've noticed the Yeti has a lot of midrange, so I've been adjusting eq for that, like GN said. It's actually perfect for this style, type of song, sounds like an old 78, without the cracks and pops.

Guest said

Digging your voice with a big ole spade.

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Gilbert Neilson said

Sonically it's very good. Very clear and a good mix. Maybe it has a bit of harshness that could be EQ'd out but it might be hard to pinpoint. Once you do then that should be good from then on to always use that EQ. I would experiment until you get the sound you like. Still, it's a very good recording. And, another good song!

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thetworegs said

love it, now thats all i'm going to say about that

Guest said

Cute song, and I think your new mic is fine, you sound great!