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Gods of Little Things (anyhow, I'm a destructionist) - RPM 11

Rob and Laura

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Guest said

You guys are amazing! I would gladly pay you for this music. sincerely, brian J. Kenny. I found your music on the RPM Challenge. you can find me at Thanks

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ghostly said

I really love the way your acoustic guitar sounds on all these tracks, care to divulge your recording technique?

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Norma Lee said

love the beat of that music. :)

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Lil' mar mar said

desert island gold.

Guest said

Great start to your RPM! Beautiful stuff, and I really love the laid back delivery of the profanity.

Guest said

Indeed, Strummindude is right. :-) Great song!

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strummindude said

Quite good, and interesting from a compositional view. A little reminiscent of Adrian Belew or Robert Fripp, although more laid back.

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thetworegs said


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A Bit More Better Productions said


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richardlaceves said


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