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Part of the plan this year was to use a real amplifier and real effects pedals on all of the guitar parts. Recently I have been becoming obsessed with uni-vibe style pedals. I used one on this song, a cheap thing called a Shaky Jimi. I used it too much, but what can you do.

The lyrics represent this year’s entry in the RPM Challenge Songs About the RPM Challenge category.

The rhythm guitar is an ES-335, the lead is a Les Paul. The amp is a Fender Bassbreaker and the pedal is a cheap little Moen Shaky Jimi Vibe.

So much to do so little time
So many things get in the way
Just when I thought I’m doing fine
Another disaster comes into play

It comes apart it comes apart at the seams
and all at once and all at once there go your dreams
I like to think I like to think it works out
but that’s not what but that’s not what this is about

Every year we go through it
Every year it is the same
Every time that we do it
We ask ourselves if it’s worth all the pain

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