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Killer (2020 Version)

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The Great 2015 Re-Recording Project finally has a final mix!

In 2015, after RPM ended, I asked myself, “now what?” The answer was to take a handful of songs from the previous few years worth of song writing and recording challenges and turn them into “an album.” I started a few songs but that was it. One year later I took it up again (and added this nugget) but didn’t get far. In 2019 I tried again. Now it’s 2020 and on top of doing an album in a month each month I am sneaking a few of these in as well. I’m hoping to get eight songs down for a sort of ep-ish thing.

This one is originally from the 2014 50/90. I wrote it about Robin Williams a day or two after he died.

The guitars here are all Gibson ES-335. The amp on all of the rhythm parts is a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The amp on the lead is a Vox AC15.

you never know who
you never know why
it’s lurking all everywhere
its hidden in their stare

its hard to understand
what makes them like this
you just can’t comprehend
so easy to dismiss

It’s a killer
No remorse

it festers in side
it never goes away
its so hard to hide
can’t get through the day

its hard to understand
what makes us like this
I just can’t comprehend
can no longer dismiss