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So Frustrating (2020 Version)

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Who says 3/4 time can’t rock? This was originally from my 2013 RPM Challenge when, for some strange reason, pretty much everything I did just worked. Even the crappy songs from that album are less crappy than usual.

This song is as close as I have ever come to metal… and I did it in 3/4 time. Sorry, I just think that’s funny.

The guitars are all Gibson ES-335. The rhythm parts were through a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The leads were through that amp and a Vox AC15 at the same time because using two amps at once is the textbook definition of awesome.

So frustrated
So fed up
so aggravated
I just want to scream

It never ends
It never tires
It never stops
It never expires
It never quits
It never retires
In never ceases
It opens fire

It is relentless
It is a power
It is eternal
It never cowers
It is a force
it can’t be countered
It is a hell
It pulls you downward

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Andrew Russe said

Rocks! .... in 3s! I tend to use 3s for folksie/balladie things (one coming soon I suspect, the way things are panning out here) ... but I've never really tried to rock in 3s... this proves it can be done!! :) As ever, mighty cool guitars.