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I thought this one was destined for the cut list, but after coming up with the chunky little rhythm guitar part in the chorus it started growing on me.

When I was a kid I worshiped 5/4 time. I wanted everything to at least slip into 5/4, even if only for a few measures. Then I discovered 7/8 and a whole new world of un-danceable rhythms was opened up to me. This one is a nod to my younger self, and an attempt to show that 5/4 can still rock your face off.

The lyrics are a bit of a throw away, inspired by something on the Huffington posts’ weird news section. Formerly known as RPM 2014 #5.

what is that in the sky
can’t really tell for sure
should we all say hello
or should we lock the door

can’t really make it out
images are obscure
is it from far away
can’t really say for sure

UFO sightings are we alone