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This has been in my head forever, but I never managed to pull it together until now. The lyrics were inspired by @floridaman on twitter. Formerly known as RPM 2014 #4

Is it overreaction
when everyone acts that way
does it lead to distraction
when everyone is the same

a simple night at home
relaxing with family
game night and puzzle time
what’s that you just said to me
at night as the anger grows
I’ll pay you back you’ll see
bringing the hammer down
I won’t even hear your pleas

they had this friend they knew
who owned lots of games they played
he liked his collectables
he seemed easy to betray
they wanted to sell his stuff
they had lots of debts to pay
they buried him in concrete
and sold all his stuff away

Its hard to imagine how
these things happen every day
the people you’re closest too
will just throw your life away
there’s no sense of right and wrong
there’s nothing that they can say
there’s evil everywhere
its always been that way

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Wildgeas Music said

Lovin' that wah-wah!