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Bad Guy

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You’ve heard the phrase, “fix it in the mix” right? This is my attempt. I am seriously burnt out on RPM. I’m not feeling it anymore. I’m not hearing it anymore. I’m not physically capable of playing well anymore. I recorded the guitar leads last night and they are pretty awful. I threw a whole ton of sauce on it and tried to present a turd as something cool. I really like the rhythm section on this little 7/8 riff. The vocals are better than most than I have done in the past week. The leads though. I feel shame. Formerly known as RPM 2014 #9. The lyrics are inspired by a story I read on the @floridaman twitter.

I know what I want
you have what I need
you stand in my way
I’ll make you bleed
I have the will
I have the means
I’ve got the power
I will succeed

Ready aim fire

I have the stun gun
I have the mace
Wait while I spray it
into your face
I’m going to shock you
to outer space
do me a favor
stand in one place

I am a bad guy
I’m gonna show why
I am a bad guy

I aimed the taser
but shot myself
abort the mission
put it on the shelf
get under cover
right pretty swift
until I come back
to work my shift

Guest said

Sounds good to me Robert although that RPM is a killer, true! Cheers Bethan

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Wildgeas Music said

That's some slammin' guitar playing.

Guest said

Yea! Like it!

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thetworegs said

You must be a bad guy that's some mean guitar....