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As The World Comes Alive

Uploaded .

An old song re-vamped. Thanks Greg you know how to get my creative juices flowing !!!!

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Roger M. Harris said

It's that time of the year guys

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Greg Connor said

Very uplifting song. Perfect accompaniment to a perfect evening!

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Greg Connor said

Great Springtime Song! Here is the Springtime Playlist:

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FDR said

Like the birds,nice song,cheers!

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Sandy Gritt said

sounds great. A very catchy song and sweet production.

Guest said

Nice Rodger!!!!!

Guest said

Good one.

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jip said

Like it - aw, spring. Cheers

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Greg Connor said

It's a Chart Buster! The birds really got my attention. Is that a 12 string? Yahoo . . . Spring is coming !!!!