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Good to be Alive

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Another old one. I sort of call it my ‘Ram’ moment !!! As if !! Anyway, I can remember I wrote this 3 or 4 weeks after my mother passed away. Yeh, I know, a strange song to write, I like to think I was celebrating her life. She was a great Mum. Mum & Dad wasn’t there, sure they were looking down on their Grand-Daughter with a smile ……..

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Roger M. Harris said

Added a little video from Photos from a Special Day.

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Lady Jane said

Yes, indeedy! Sure does :) x

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Greg Connor said

Great message, and good positive vibe, wrapped in an enjoyable melody. Nice one Roger!

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James Michael Taylor said

Like it.

Guest said

I like this Melody, its got a real strong Uplift to it ..It sure does Rodger

Guest said

Lovely, gentle, folky feel good track. I feel sure your mum would have loved it!