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Solar Radiation......

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Lets dig up an old one. In another time & space had to come up with a song with the line ‘Solar Radiation and a New Pair of Boots’ in it. I came up with this little ditty… Blame Steve Krell !!!!!!

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Movement To Contact said

Nice one Roger!

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lgh said

Super Duper 60's song! I love it! LG

Guest said

5 Stars!

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Lady Jane said

I just know this is going to be going round and round in my head all night! Love it :) x

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Lady Jane said

I was born in the summer of '67 :)

Guest said


Guest said

Sad I missed 1967, I've heard a lot about it. Lovely laid back groove.

Guest said

What a fun and clever song. Lovely!

Guest said

Hey, roger, we all had fun. Doing the write attune to the silly phrase Was so creative by every one

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JR James said

Alrighty. This is a good one.

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Greg Connor said

This brings back memories! Ahhhh ... the good old days!

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rick4nier said

Good One!