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Uploaded .

Thought it was time to go Electric again !!!
Many thanks to my mate Dave for the harmonica on this.

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James Michael Taylor said

Your music has a very interesting over all sound. The way you put it all together. There is a smoothness to it. Gentle. Harmonies, very sweet. What kind of program are you using.

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Wildgeas Music said

Solid gold gentlemen.

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slkrell said

Hello, Rodger. Big and slidey good vocal topper..

Guest said

Roger , this is cool, and I have to agree with Ron on the Graham Nash sound (Chicago) 60's early 70's - - - well done.

Ron's avatar
Ron said

I really like this Roger...has a 60's feel...which was when I started and is still mu favorite music era...I hear a little Graham Nash there...excellent and catchy tune

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JR James said

Always like the way you approach your vocals.....this has the British blues all over it.

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Roger M. Harris said

Thanks James, Recorded on a Boss BR-1600, a nice gift from the Tax man when he gave me a Rebate a few years back :)

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Buck Erpestad said

Nice job - good groove.

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James Michael Taylor said

Great guitar sound and mix. So clean. What are recording with...program? (

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Greg Connor said

Good blend, Electric Guitar and Harmonica! Well done guys.

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