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First song for the Dirty Thump II CD from Krakow, Poland!!!
kind of heavy compared to Sunset Dadeze, my band here in the good ole US
a retelling of every musician that wanted to deal with the devil to be a star!!!

Sold my soul bout 12 years back,
gave it to the devil for a pound of smack
livin the high life, didn’t have a clue
12 years later, my time is due

Made a soul sacrifice and became a star
Big money, big house, big fancy car
All the women my cash could buy
And everything else to keep me high

Livin large for 12 long years
but now he’s back and I’m in tears
Been livin large for 12 long years
Devil’s takin blood, sweat and tears
I’m goin down….. ohh I’m goin down down down

He’s comin to collect, there’s no place to hide
12 years to the day, that’s when I died
My soul is his, till the end of days
Just like Jimi, in a purple haze

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MinnesotaCoffeeTable said

Good Stuff! I feel this one all the way down to the swingin stuff.

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Greg Connor said

Second time thru . . . It's fun to hear that classic "Ron Rouch" singing style mixed with Art's guitar playing.

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Greg Connor said

Oh . . . . . This is Beautiful !!! I love it!

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