About "III"

I wanted to play more directly with noise of various kinds so this piece focuses less on techniques and fancy plugins and more on selection & arrangement of sounds.

I spent many hours going through Reaktor ensembles I’ve downloaded searching for noises and sampling their output. I must have auditioned twenty or thirty at least. I ended up with a pile of about 80 samples of different kinds of noise from pure noise to the kinds of things you’d expect in a Krell laboratory.

The rest of the week was spent playing with, narrowing down, and organising the various clips, and learning how they could be made to work together. I ended up with tracks named things like “Periodic”, “Vacuum”, “Mids”, “Krell Science”, “Sweeps”, and so on. The final Live session structure includes about 40 different noise loops across 12 tracks.

Then I also wanted to make use of voices again. I persuaded a number of Alonetoner’s to record me some nonsense phrases. In this piece I heavily process the voices until just the “character” is left to be imprinted onto the space it inhabits. I also brought back the laughter from II.

The combination of having worked with the clips for a week and having (unusually for me) a good sense of where I wanted this track to go (think THX1138 meets Forbidden Planet meets sandbags) lead to the arrangement seeming to fall into place before my eyes and I had a track before I knew it.

The result is a noisy, rhythmic, pulsing, strange, and quite my cup of tea.

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