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Many Windows On A Troubled Mind

Mr Sandbags

Another one from my ambient crackpot series.

This features two instances of my new instrument the Novaphone 340 Imperial. A grand name for a grand instrument (Xylo just didn’t do it justice).

The first Novaphone is playing three samples: some clicks, some rustles, and a cello scrape. The second is playing a piano note and a note from a music box.

These two are sequenced using MIDI clips in Ableton. The first Novaphone is going through PSP MicroWarmer to limit pops and spikes while the second uses a triplet dub delay via DubStation. I use PanStation on both to add some movement.

Both of the Novaphones are feeding TimeFreezer on a return track and I have MIDI clips controlling TimeFreezers Freeze and Pitch function to create pitch soars and swoops.

I’m using a plate reverb setting from Eos and PSP VintageWarmer 2 on the master track.

I think this one warrants a listen on headphones. There’s quite a lot tucked in the background.

All being well I plan to make the Novaphone 340 Imperial available to Reaktor users, via the UL, next month.

It’s been pointed out that this track doesn’t have a lot of “body” and, indeed, it’s frequency spectrum is quite lop-sided with peaks at 300Hz, 1KHz, and 1.8KHz and a steep roll off over 2KHz. I think that’s the result of the LP filter in the Novaphone and the degree to which I mixed it. Also if the frequencies aren’t in the source samples they won’t be much present in the output. I’m going to experiment with a bandpass filter instead of a LP filter although I like the way the LP filter can be made to decay over time. Tricky thing this filtering!

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Latest Comments

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Following on from Sirens, good use of space and delicate sounds, haunting.

Guest said

Yeah, I can see why MTC felt the cops were after him. It does sound like that in places. I like the footsteps, that’s an interesting addition.
Oh, is it over ……

igor said

Wind, cold wind right here, with echoes of nothingness - that’s where the trick, but not “filtering”, Matt, even if you… I think so.

Wildgeas Music said

Whatever he said, it works for me.

Movement To Contact said

Sounds like the cops are after me, kept looking over my shoulder ;)

Johnny Stone said

I dig this mate very cool.

mmi said

Frankly, I like this piece as it is. You’ve left space without the feeling that something is missing.

Cave Street said

I love this…

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