About "Savagery 1 (feat Sister S.)"

I told the good Sister that I wanted to try using vocals in a track and she offered to do me some abstract, stylized, vocals that I could play with and this little number is the result.

Working with wet (pre-effected) vocals was a bit of a challenge at first but with some experimentation I found a sound that they could settle into building a beat with my beloved Stylus RMX and adding in some ambience with Omnisphere.

The rest is the vocals and a clock sample both treated by The Finger which I play on my keyboard. I had to touch up the MIDI performance a little because at 160bpm there isn’t much time to find the right key for the effect you want.

Once I got going I had a lot of fun building this track and I think it came together nicely. I’ll certainly be looking to do more with vocals in the future!

Many thanks to @SisterSavage for coming up with the goods for me!

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