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a character disorder - by simeon psimian


a character disorder

I’ve got a character disorder
you know they say I’ve got a borderline
personality disorder

and I’m sick of taking orders
like a waiter or or a nun
I want to be the one that gives the orders

I hate the nurses and the warders
always lurking on the borders
of the chaos and disorder

and I think it’s out of order
for them to say I’m out of order
and I’m sick of being treated
like I’m sick and i need treatment
I think it’s sick the way they treat me
it’s this mistreatment which is making me sick

There’s no treatment for my sickness
and they threaten me with sweetmeats
from the sweatshop in the sweet shop
and they make me do gymnastics
they make me make mistakes
and then they stick me with their statements

and the lift is out of order
I get words in the wrong order
and I numb myself with numbers
the mystique around their slickness
and I slowly go bananas
with the slackness of the mystics

and the curtains form a cordon
round the gardens of the warden
and my hard-on is misladen
with the straightness and the thickness
of the burden of their boredom
in its stuckness and its stiffness

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