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The Road Brings Clarity

Songs From Nowhere Project

This track dates back to 2012, when I was in the process of recording my 2nd album, “The Only Way to Build is to Tear Down,” in a super run down shack, while seriously broke. On the other hand, that was the last album I really did multitracking on. Took a break from that, due to mostly to the influence of Zack Brian McCarter. Anyway though, this particular song was written deliberately for the “Killing Cavendish” soundtrack. A former AT hiker who is a filmmaker was trying to raise money so he could make a film that, in addition to being awesome, would raise awareness of autism. It had an autistic character who saves the day. Anyway, I wrote this song as a plot synopsis in 3 minutes after reading the script. Enjoy!

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Akatsuki said

this needs work, but it has got serious potential! Personally for me, the guitar and the vocals fall flat. But the entire idea is brilliant.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

and again. genius. need more time on alonetone if this is anything to go by

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