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Ben, Are you there?


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Written for/about Ben Montgomery. Answering machine messages wondering where he might be are from yours truly and Jason Biehler, his two closest friends who were always trying to track him down.

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Jean-Luc Thomas said

Im seeing ben, lol, Who is he?

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Sandy Gritt said

Frickin' cool as hell!

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olifante said

Nice atmosphere.

Guest said

Really cool.

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Jeff Archer said

Are you incorporating recordings of "numbers" stations in the mix as well?

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Jeff Archer said

Nice and spacy!

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jennifer said

Sign me up. I'm a fan.

Lux Divon's avatar
Lux Divon said

Great just great... i loved all the trax

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ograstamon said

Brilliant use of the most worthless machine ever invented.

Guest said

you are a frikken genius. i love how you captured curious anxiety with that xylophone.

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glu said

this is f*#^ing brilliant!

Guest said

I love this! Hilarious

Guest said

'Ache' loaded instantly, really - but this track took a tenth of a second, by which time I was looking for the loading cuteness but there was none. See, you've spoiled me already ;) Apropos of nothing to to do with coding, I LOVE this song! Thanks :)) Can I learn this lo-query stuff without being a javascript wizard? Cherry

Guest said

Great panning, cheers Slap...

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