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Reg is spending too much time in the cellar watching the news on TV, reading the papers and conspiracy theories on the internet. He’s started to get Paranoid…he’s come up with his own conspiracy theory…i keep telling him he’s just paranoid …………….or is he?……….contains a few expletives as you would imagine……..
Fireball (Lyrics)
1234 Let me out of that fucking door before this shit-house burns down
Everything is burning down
it’s all on fire
look around the world you can see it’s all starting to, bubble up
it’s all going wrong in iraq
it’s all on fire in syria
Turkey’s about to fall
everything in the East is breaking into pieces, then thrown to the wall
in Spain & Greece & Portugal they ain’t got no money
no nothing at all
Ireland’s getting deeper in debt
the Paddies have dug there trench deep
they are in it up to their neck
America’s about to fall
China’s standing tall
it’s all going to turn into a fireball

England are no longer the policeman at the ball
the people don’t believe there’s democracy anymore
they don’t believe at all
they don’t believe at all
they believe in no one at all

The German still do what they are told to do
but decent is in the ranks
the right have started to bubble up
bubble up
it’s bubbling up everywhere
it’s starting to burn
there’s gonna be a fireball

burn it
break it
throw it
burn burn like a fireball

were all gonna burn
were all gonna burn
when the worlds a fireball

just take a look around and tell me what you see
there ain’t no peace or harmony
it’s a fireball
no there ain’t no peace or harmony
everything everywhere
is just, is just a fireball

there wont be no brothers in arms
we’ll all be set to kill and maim

There will be no call for peace
cause were all, were all to blame
theres no peace or harmony
the worlds gonna be a fireball

take a look around you
tell me what you see
you got Iran bubbling up
you got Egypt on fire
Afganistan in ashes
you got Russia, China & America there all fanning the flames
into a fireball
everything seems against the peace there all lining us up against the wall
it’s a fireball
what we gonna do
where is there to run
the people in charge there looking at mars
yeah their looking at mars
their all getting in their rocket ships
they don’t give a fucking shit
their off their gone
leaving us a fireball
a fireball
they are gonna leave us a fireball
they wont care in outer space
their gonna leave us in the fireball

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igor said

racing like a blocky fireball dancing like a long-way ghost yeah...

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yes.

Guest said

This reminds me of a guy I knew on the out skirts of San Antonio, about 30 years ago sadly. He was an old biker and worked at a dusty little gas station at a crossroads and he wrote these odd little songs for himself and a group of people. Somehow he and his pals took a liking to me though I am anything but a biker. Like a pack of wolves who allowed a stray antelope into the group for a little listen of the shaman's music. In other words, I like it.

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FDR said


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Wildgeas Music said

Your progressing nicely :)

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jip said

Rock a Rollock!

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Damn that is heavy .....dig the message..

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Don't worry Harry Potter will save us ... :)

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