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Reg is leaving in the morning…there’s a great big world out there to see….Acoustic & Voice trying to play that Bb Harp………
I can’t play it safe (Lyrics
i can hear you say you want to play it safe
but i’ve got dreams i want to come true
i can feel these dreams have burned a hole in my heart
i know you do your best to pull me through
but babe, i need, something else, i need to live my life true
to my beliefs, to my inner self,i’ve gotta go out into the big wide world and see
got to go and try to find myself to see if i can make these dreams real to me
i need me, i need me to be free
i need to go out there and try and find the man who is me

yesterday you asked me what was wrong with me
well i’ve been trying to figure out what to say
i want to go out and have that adventure for real, see what the worlds got to say
to see if i’ve got what it takes to make, my way out there on my own
it’s no disrespect to the love that you give
but i need to be out on my own
i want to be, i want to be me, i want to love the man i am
i don’t feel i can do that with you, so i’m sorry i got to leave you behind
i want to go, touch my dreams for real
i want to see the seven wonders out there
i want to climb that mountain and touch that cloud, just to see how it feels
to see if i can connect with the whole wide world, cause if i stay here all i’m gonna do is rot
so i’m saying sorry babe i just can’t play it safe i’ve got to go follow my dreams

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Andrew Russe said

Oh this is the business. Nice harp.

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Roger M. Harris said

Love it Regs.....Mean harp...

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FDR said

Nice one lol,like the harp!

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lumberfork said

This belongs on Blonde on Blonde.

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vaisvil said

downloaded for posterity...

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vaisvil said

damn, I'm floored. This is perfect and you are becoming an incredible song writer. All the right stuff in all of the right places - its that special sound man, you got it! Knock 'em dead!

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Reefwalker said

i think the raw acoustic guitar here is relevant to the lyrics. It does remind my of dylan...and then the harp. oh yes

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