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Merry Christmas Everyone


A very Merry Christmas to you all ….Thanks for listening…i got me a cry baby she’s still not tamed but a lot of fun so i had too try her out and this is the outcome.. hope you enjoy!!

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thetworegs said


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igor said

…and let the champagne flow!

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richardlaceves said

and a merry Christmas to you and yours and all,, very cool! if im ever on your island id love to hear/see you making your magic r

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slkrell said

Oh yah its a season for fun , nice jam

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JamesRaimondi said

I picture a Funky Ass Psychedelic Santa on this one.

Guest said

Merry Christmas Regs!
Cheers Bethan

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Nick P said

Oh yeah……merry christmas, tworegs

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A Bit More Better Productions said

fonkay. okay! vocals rip roaring on this one mr.

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seanoh said


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FDR said

And a Merry Pissedmas to you!

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oldrottenhead said

braw tell yer maw. but what is a cry baby?

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