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Misty Mountain Hop


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I asked JohnnyRobbo from over on the Cool-lab to do the backer for this one as our next Collab together and he’s done an outstanding job on it …I had the easy bit adding the words…Hope you enjoy this Led Zep classic……

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Mike Giles said

Smokin cover man! A great tribute to a great song! -M.G.

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vaisvil said

oh yeah - this superb!

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charlieferret said


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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Oh this on!

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jip said

rockin - whoho hoa

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FDR said

Reg Plant has just entered the building!........fine cover guys!

Guest said

KLOS days are back. Leaves me Dazed and amused

Guest said

WOW! You guys are on top of this one!

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