People just think me the fool


This song is evolving it was People they dont try at all now its People just think me the fool and i have to work on that Banjo but at least its a bit cleaner now but a work in progress…As all of mine are.

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Dave Berry said

Back for more of this bad boy……….wow what a damn track

Guest said

Fun and I love the funky nature and the banjo sounds!

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Dave Berry said

I’ll say it again, I love your style, Reg*2, deadly stuff. You playing that damn banjo, thats deadly sounding.

Guest said

Folkin’ tastic!

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mr-glen said

Like it mate, Hillbilly’s are a comin boy!

Guest said

reminds of primus, :)

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cuthbert said

This is cool, Reg!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice mate great feel to this dig it.

Guest said


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eshar said

Another great song that had me tapping my feet and nodding my head along to it.

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thetworegs said

A good assessment Kirk hillbilly acid i like it a new category for me………… Thanks

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kirklynch said

How cool! That banjo riff is just twisted. Kinda like hillbilly music on acid

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