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Why did you lie


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Reg is back on the drink there was no escaping it. He found out that Desirea was not what he thought she was, she had been telling him lies and his hopes were dashed again………….. theres a little mess up on the Xylophone but what can you say he’s been drinking……

Why did you tell me lies

I was always told not to lie
So tell me why, why did you lie, so tell me why did you tell me all those lies
You made me despise the love we had
I question the truth was it true love we ever had
Was it only lies, was it just a fad
Was it just a line and you played me like a clown
Was it just a game that went round and round, while you lied
You told me lots of lies, i could never tell the truth
You had broken our trust, now the love is only dust
Because of your lies
Because of your lies, my head is in a mess. i am so distressed
My life is in a mess,
And i still can’t believe you told me all those lies
What you’ve done to me wouldn’t it have been easier just to leave
Then i would not despise the memory that i have
I would just see it as a dream i once had

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Norm said

Reg. Stop. This is not good for you. Just copy and paste the following to Desirea: "I just booked you a flight to Gofuckyourselfville and your departure is now."

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albinoSQUIRREL (Todd Larsen) said

This is different and very cool! The xylophone(?) is very cool.

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Geir said

hey ... this is really cool!!!!

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igor said

~too many lies can not exist - there are only many hopes we describes as unfulfilled, dashed, ruined... Depends on hopeless person who hoped~ ...he's been drinking, he was drunk, hopes were dashed. The story, again. P.S. I think I'll drink too, you know. Ehh...

Guest said

I don't believe it. He's imagining it. it's all those dead brain cells from too much drink.

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Sandy Gritt said

twisted up like a fine bulging spliff.

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