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04 The Trial Of Johnny Temperate (Part 1)

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Part 1 - Hotel & Backstory.


In which Johnny tries to betray Angela, whose suspicions are raised when Jenny calls.


In which we learn about Julia’s involvement in the affair.

Lyric -

So Jennifer sits in her room
Her birthdays money spent on French perfume
Not knowing that the number on her suite door had slipped
Where it read nine it should’ve read six
So Johnny goes marching home alone
Wages blown on cologne

And Angela answers
No John is working late, my husband isn’t home
Knowing that this wasn’t a cold call like it claimed
A nervous girl’s voice more pitied than blamed
Will Johnny be good tonight?
He could and he should

And Jonathan sees he’s on trial
Evidence presented but in denial
Not knowing that his sentence would be Angela’s wrath
And Jenny’s necklace bought with holiday cash
So Johnny just sits and smiles for a while

And she remembers the aisle

Jennifer told Julia that John was handsome
Made her cross her heart to keep a secret
Julia was never gonna keep it
Notes were passed behind her back and someone one soon told John
Jennifer was blushing like the bride she wasn’t
John had engineered a random meeting
Thought that he could hear how hard her heart was beting
Heaving breathing caught her eye

No-one needs to know
Hotel, Motel anywhere they’re gonna go
Has to be discrete if they’re gonna meet

But what of Angela
Is she the girl that he loves?

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The Jet-Black Project said

There's no point in reviewing your songs individually. What can one say about your music that hasn't already been said? It's all just so stupifying. Why aren't you world famous? (then again, maybe you are and I'M the one out of the loop.) Nevertheless -- love your stuff. Every freakin' perfectly place note!

Guest said

Beach Boys meet The Beatles, Quite Cool. Track 2 and 4 my Fav's!

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AMUC said

This album is very captivating. You definitely wear your influences on your sleeve, but it's a certainly a good shirt. This is playing like a concept album - is there a theme to all of this? I'm detecting links between the various tracks.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

like the storyteller style to this.. hope this isnt a bad thing to you (isnt to me!) but i'd liken this to 10cc. 2.38 - very interesting section!