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At the 23rd hour we consider whether we’ve made the right decisions.

Written and recorded less the 48 hours before the end of the RPM challenge deadline. I wonder why.

Is this our 23rd hour
Sixty minutes to go
Are we counting the seconds
Do you reckon
We could slow our falling

Is this our final engagement
The closing night of our show
Are they pulling the curtain
Are you certain
We can’t slow our falling

Hold that thought
We ought to stop
What’s happening from happening

Is this our story’s last chapter
Nothing else left to tell
We had a novel beginning
We were winning
Then we fell
(still falling)

Is this our unhappy ending
Our fairy tale fell unwell
Your kisses no longer prince-me
Or convince me
Not under your spell

Hold that thought
We ought to stop
What’s happening from happening

stoman's avatar
stoman said

Very nice listen! :)

stoman's avatar
stoman said

Wonderful - I hear a lot of influences from many of my musical heroes, but yet you have your very own style.

Peter Fedofsky's avatar
Peter Fedofsky said

Please please show up at my door one day so we can record an LP together hehe. Always a fan of your stuff, Andy.

Graduate's avatar
Graduate said

Really nice ending to the album. Simple. Also, beautiful sounding acoustic... what did you use for that?

Guest said

Wow! This strikes me the way old Beatles records do. Very Excellent.

Guest said

Very cool name.

Guest said

man you really sound like the guy from Klaatu on this song!!