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02 - Falling Down

02 – Falling Down Again. Written 17th/18th Feb.  Recorded 17th/18th/19th Feb.

A slightly schizophrenic pop song, with a vocal section that also betrays me wanting to be a Beach Boy. Worryingly there is actually a red sticky trickle that seeps from my ear.

Info and lyrics at www.butterflypolite.com/uglifruit

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thetworegs said

Beautiful……superb vocals….

Scenery said

I nominated this song for Disk 2 of the RPM compilation. I love it.

Rob and Laura said

Yes, it’s a Beach Boys jam, but it’s a damn good one. You have a hit here, a beautiful hit.

Circuit Tree said

well, you got my attention!

mmi said


OHHO said

Theres nothing ugly about this! Love the vocals! Very Beach Boysesque. Reminds me of Pet Sounds.