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Fine Knacks for Ladies (anonymous)


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An arrangement of an anonymous tune by John Dowland and realized electronically by me.

Guest said

love it! I'm a sucker for flutes..awesome!

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Wildgeas Music said

That's beautiful man. I can listen to this for hours.

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Norm said


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Max Sipowicz said

oh man. i love this tune. john downland is a champ, and this is a great rendition.

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Alister Flint said

great piece, and excellent transposition!

Guest said


Guest said

Sounds 15th century to me. I think the beauty of this lovely piece is the fact that apart from it being beautifully played, it is timeless. A piece that doth posess wondrous endurance.

Guest said

This is the sort of stuff Jane Austen listened to while she penned Elizabeth Bennet's growing affection for Mr Darcy. Lovely!

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