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The Good Boundless


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The Good Lifeless has Become Boundless
such that it is written,
went where and windly
with pentacles of pie
like know our way
down the screem
when we find what it
is that can been and be we of their

2 tracks of hobnox drum machines
2 tracks of hobnox sequencers
2 tracks of bass
2 tracks of sax
2 tracks of stratocastor electric guitar
1 track mustang electric guitar
1 track choir
4 tracks vocal

(sax and choir is the Roland GR-20)

Lyrics by Ice9 (William Newbold)

Newbold's avatar
Newbold said

brilliant work Chris..thanks for doing this.

Guest said

oh yeah!

skiks/bruce hamilton's avatar
skiks/bruce hamilton said

cool. I like your range of work (a fellow eclectic). re: twikk, there may be some beating effects thought they weren't explicitly planned. there's certainly a crapload of hard, random panning.

Guest said

How come i never heard this one before? this is great stuff vaisvil.

alexisfromtexas's avatar
alexisfromtexas said

very interesting and offbeat in a good way.

AMUC's avatar
AMUC said

Quirkily harmonic. This one sounds like it deserves a music video (and a really strange one at that.)

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

once again.... very nice, something about the vocals reminds me of creme,,,, perhaps if this is what they would sound like 30 years later? well done Chris

launched's avatar
launched said

I dig. Badass vox, driven by musical magic.

Guest said

Fantastic music - slinky and cool!

Guest said

This is one of the most extraordinary pieces of music I have ever heard. It's truly wonderful.

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Norm said


kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Very cool indeed!

mmi's avatar
mmi said

WARNING: Extreme cool alert!

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Alister Flint said

there is "madness" written all over this, love it!

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