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Trackin' Juno II

Uploaded .

Wasting away another weekend with some scales and mode practice on the synthesizers.
all the percussion is from the Juno drum patches and my fingers.
For you folks out there who enjoy the mode stuff this is Phrygian in A


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Movement To Contact said

Nice finger smackin perc work :)

Guest said

Great tension here!

Guest said

This one is still killer too!

Guest said

entering the strange world, I found myself.

Guest said

:-) I know NOTHING of scales. This is lovely, for all its notes and phrases.

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

@MMI the A# is the enharmonic equivalent. Theoretically though, it should be a Bb. as most classical teachings do not use the same letter twice in a scale. :D In Western music though, A# and Bb are the same note. Unless your trying for microtones and such. Good call on the hip hop beat. Not everything has to rap!!!

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mmi said

Intense battle or intense hip-hop... Could go either way :-) Minor theory nit. Shouldn't the second note in the scale be Bb?

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kirklynch said

Nice one Geas! Just wish it were longer

Guest said

Nice! I feel like Im getting ready for an intense battle. Nice sounds!