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Running Away

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Another song in the works that I have never been happy with. Now that Mr. Tolar has me feeding raw meat to the Ibanez, this is the result. So, it’s either a rocker, or I’m off my rocker!

It was yesterday
when she said
she’s leaving today
our little girl
says shes gonna run away

She’s leavin now
headed down the open road
she ain’t eighteen
but we let her go anyhow

shes runnin away
cant understand why she would’nt stay
shes runnin away

It was late today
when I heard the telephone
she was so far away
and I heard her
cry for me

She’s lonely now
lookin’ for some open road
she turned eighteen
now we can’t tell her no

shes runnin away
cant understand why she would’nt stay
shes runnin away

another day
when I heard the doorbell ring
I was happy to see
she had a smile for me

she ain’t leaving now
it’s end of the open road
and with her smile
Daddy can I stay for a while

she came back home today

Guest said

this is an old classic.

launched's avatar
launched said

Love it!!

Endicott Road's avatar
Endicott Road said

I had an older brother who ran away several times. I never thought of writing a song from the perspective of a parent. Good idea. ER

sixmilewide's avatar
sixmilewide said

keep feedin it the meat it's soundin good.

tim mcfate's avatar
tim mcfate said

here is where the new york poem went. i will also repost. thanks for asking

Guest said

Great tune! Tight breaks!!

Guest said

(You have THE BEST doorbell ring evah.)

Guest said

this song is very memorable.

lam's avatar
lam said

Brings back old school punk, lookout Sex Pistol's, great song..

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drakonis said

ouch. Great raw music, with a powerful message sent to the heart of this other protective dad. :-) I liked your use of the guitar as the doorbell.

Guest said

*and with her smile Daddy can I stay for a while* :-) Love a happy ending, and yes, this is a rocker.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice mate nice sound, good lyrics I dig your style, enjoy your music.

Guest said

nice one!

Guest said

Really like the lyrics too :)

Guest said

yea! Thats cool man! Great song. Like the part where you use the whammy bar. Thats awesome!

Guest said

Sorry Paul, I messed up my first comment. You are writing some really good songs, and I can hear the Ibanez chewing!

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kirklynch said

Nice one Geas! New mix of an older one?