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Whisper to the Wind

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Calling me, she comes in the night
the summer breeze is feeling right for me
Whisper to the wind
the dark angel forges her lights my way
Whisper to the wind
This Vision has complicated everything
now is not my time

Dark angel calls my name
she starts to run to take me away
from you
Whisper to the wind
Whisper to the wind
and listen

I wont forget you, I see your face
I trace your tears to your pillow’s lace
I know, girl, you’ll miss me so

listen and Whisper to the wind

Guest said

Still a kick ass song!!!

 ShamPain's avatar
ShamPain said

great depth of sound

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launched said

I love this one. Will camp on it for a while.

Guest said

This song is still kicking ass!

Guest said

Forgot to add this to my favorites. oops...... Still rockin too!

Guest said

Cool song! Love the way the guitar calls.

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kirklynch said

Great lyrics! Really nice song!

Guest said

great song! going to listen again...