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Roumanian Minor in G

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I spent the day skrewing around with this Roumanian Minor scale again. I am really testing layered drums on this one, Toms mostly.
There’s a lot happening. Acoustic, Strat, Bass, 4 Juno tracks, and all kinds of percussion.
Only a two chord change.

See Trackin’ Juno for more of this awesome minor scale.

Roumanian Minor in G

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Absolutey love this little dynamo. Sensational. Tasty. Whirly twhirly brilliance.

Guest said

Morning Wild Geese. I love these scales. the world music scene first got my attention because if the exotic scale notes. I tried to do that with Bethan on Sheharazod. Faved track. Nice work.

FDR's avatar
FDR said

Unzipped.Some interesting stuff on there!

Guest said

Thoughts of background music to a Conan movie...;>)

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Terrapin said

now that's what i call a scale. wicked.

Guest said

I like it a lot.

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Backyard Ghost said

Many Thanks! Very Cool Track Here,I Almost Want My Fortune Told!

Guest said

this is so dramatic. i like the way it builds. it could work for a chase scene in an eastern european mobster film.

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Jason Earls said

wow, i really dig this. i love exotic scales.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

My kinda dance music. Not a scale one hears every day in the new world. Nice power, good sound.

launched's avatar
launched said

Oh yeah, this is the buzz! I also enjoyed the collab you did with JS Tolar - Brill!!

Guest said

haha. This is an addicting tune.

Guest said

haha. this is cool too.

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drakonis said

Delicious and educational... and well scored too! I like your choice to close the bar with just the bell, really classy... maybe it is the percussion, but this has a vague middle-eastern vibe, like a Babylonian camel caravan.

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another cultural landslide said

Yes, Yes, Yes! w;-)

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glu said

everything is cool, mate. don't fall off the wagon. be my inspiration!

Guest said

Someone wanna tell me what the funk is going on around here? I guess I picked a bad week to quit smokin'.. Geas

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another cultural landslide said

I'd like to see an Argentine Tango to this! Movie soundtrack? YES! w;-)

Guest said

Dancing is the love of my life, this is very inspiring and well played. Wonderful stuff!

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Johnny Stone said

oh I like this one mate very good

Guest said

beginning sounds like the guy who does music for Tim Burton...Nitemare Before Christmas.. You have a diverse compositional style. Keeps it interesting.

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ShamPain said

very cool laid back man

 ShamPain's avatar
ShamPain said

My movable yonder shirt is on its way

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kirklynch said

Love the percussion, and one of the juno tracks sounds like accordion- great. Faved by another of the Moveable Yonder shirt club!!

Guest said

BRILLIANT. At 1.12 I kind of wanted it to REALLY take off, but it's an instant fave as is.

glu's avatar
glu said


Guest said

Atmosphere!! I love ethnic music, especially when it is so rousing.