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Junkie Sunshine with Two Regs

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I had this mellow tune hanging around when I heard “Love is Life” by The Two Regs and thought I need to catch the other Reg while he’s around.
Lucky for me he had the time, the voice, and the melody. We created this lovely tune.

I was electrified and delighted with Regs effort.
He made this otherwise boring instrumental in to a classic.

Thanks T, I really love this song. You did a wonderful job.
Stay lucky man.

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( Lyrics)

I look into your eyes I see nothing
but the sweet sunshine
I see us stand there both pure and clean
yesterday’s forgotten in the haze of light
I’m blind to that torment of pain
I’m blind to the time borrowed from the devil
were both clean once again
oh the sun shine, shines on us again
oh the sun shine shines without the pain

each time I look into your eyes
I feel the same love
I thought love was over
dead along that road of life
but you’ve bought it back to me
So strong n so alive
I feel it pulse within me, It’s so alive
with every beat my heart beats I have love with you by my side
let’s step together to the future
I give you the world

I look into your eyes and i see nothing but sunshine, pure, clean we stand alone

all those yesterday’s they are forgotten
all the pain has cleansed away from my mind
I’m blind to the time borrowed from the Devil
We’re back we’re so alive
all I see is the sunshine each time I look into your eye
the pain has cleansed away deep to the haze
oh the pain has cleansed away into the haze

© 2011 Smith - Lennon

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