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The Road


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“The Road” by Wilson Ng, written and recorded in February 2022 for the RPM Challenge.

Outtake from the 2022 RPM Challenge Sessions. 95% of the lyrics are from an AI lyrics songwriting generator, I changed a few lines to fit the song. The entire song was done from start to finish in one day, so it’s really rough and sounds that way. It’s just overall silliness and trying not to take myself too seriously.

we’re drifting off to something
i remember everything
and it keeps on burning
and pull myself back off thinking

nothing keeps turning around
i know that you’re still holding back
slowly drifting off to black
you gotta take the right track

we’re drifting off the road
i gotta let it flow
think you may take a while
you’re still holding around that i

so many ways to pull myself back into something old
oh i know that you still remember the road
a trail around and round so low
slowly drifting off to go

we’re holding off the weight
i know that you may take some rest
slowly burning around us
and break their old promises

you may take a while to deal with the devil
your song breaks into something difficult
so i remember it keeps turning around
and find myself out of these questions

i remember all the ways
so it keeps burning away
with something left to say
and hold myself back into this place

you gotta pull myself back into something
till we’re bruised and i’m rolling
before the stars go off like a king
every scene i remember leaving

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The Jet-Black Project said

Me likey the overlapping verses.

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Lane Sullivan said

This song is great! Very fun!

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