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Can you hide in happiness
Can you disguise the sadness in your voice
Could you play only major chords
Can you hide in happiness

Choose a part of you to show
And no one around you can know
Just how deep the scars go
Can you hide in happiness

Tell them it’s a story you wrote
Tell them it’s all a joke
That your sanity’s not broke
Can you hide in happiness

And I feel, like I don’t know what to do
Most of the time
And I feel, like the walls are closing in
On my mind
But I don’t know you
And I won’t pretend I do
But do you feel like I do

Close to eight billion people
And still feel mostly alone
Is there anything we can do
Can you hide in happiness

Please stop asking if I’m okay
I think we both no I’m not
But stop anyway
Can I just hide in happiness

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Gary Fox said

Wow, This is a 'close your eyes and just listen without distraction' song.

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Letter Seventeen said

I love hearing you embrace your pop sensibilities. Another home run.

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Pat Bondy said

Thanks for the feedback on those other tunes, Lane! I'm digging these too :) Keep it up

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