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Tell me can you teach me bout your finely written poetry
Dont care about the content I just want to make em notice me
Such a fine hand they’d say wooo, study it closely
Been practicing all day I think I’m ready least I aughta be.
Caligraphy. Yeah Write!!

Everyone can write, not quite alright not quite so
Of those that can there’s those that write like they were taught by hobos
I wanna be like one of those that writes as though their pros though
Aint never had no lessons so I’m kinda like a slow coach
Caligraphy. Yeah Write!!

It doesnt matter how good the gift it is
If you wrap it up in newspaper you wont live
And if you write the card and it looks like spider
Come the night you aint gonna wind up inside her.

Oh, I once met a guy who’s penmanship was what mine shoulda been
Mastered many hands the mans the master of calligraphy!
Second name was Botts, first one was Timothy
Such a range of styles, woo! Such diversity!
Caligraphy. Yeah write!

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Cheeky and fabulous.

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

Great number.

Guest said

Still great!! Hope you are doing well!

Guest said

Still one of my favourite alonetone uploads evah. Amazing track!

johnbee's avatar
johnbee said

Love this track! Great brass sound!

Guest said

No - I definitely favourited this months ago. Excellent track! Need to hear new stuff from you, Alex! Don't make me wait until February, that would just be rude.

Gumbo's avatar
Gumbo said

Funky! Yaya! Dance party!

Guest said

very catchy indeed..good work

Guest said

stands out from the rest, great track!

The Missed Connections's avatar
The Missed Connections said

damn that is catchy.

David Marcouillier's avatar
David Marcouillier said

great feel, alex...

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