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Finally (Acoustic Demo)

Andrew Russe

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Song-writing Demo for FAWM 2022
Song number 1
Written Sunday 6th February 2022

OK, this is a bit of a departure for me - posting songwriting demos.
This is a one mic recording made this morning in the living room, touch of reverbs, that’s it.

Some background
I can’t manage RPM, I just don’t have the time (nor the inclination really - for me, recording and production are a nice hobby to be enjoyed and perfected at a leisurely rate!)

Then yesterday I heard of FAWM, which is what RPM was originally based on…
Except FAWM is about songwriting not recording/production.
The aim of FAWM is 14 songs written in February.
You don’t even need to create demos to join in.
Just write the songs.

WHOA! I could achieve that, I might not be driven on recording stuff, but I am driven on writing songs.
And, as long I don’t get sucked into arrangements and wotnot, I can probably do demos.

I’ve started 5 days late this year, so I might not make 14… but I’ve already achieved one song I actually like - so it’s a WIN already.

Here it is.
I finished it at 1am this morning, Mrs R heard it at 7:30am.
Most if not all of my songs are written like this - including the ones with choirs and guitar orchestras and wotnots.
As usual, I can hear the real arrangements in my head (for the Andrew Russe version).
This is a quick demo so I can link to it on FAWM.ORG

This is also roughly what you’d hear if you popped round my house today…
I’d be going “I gotta new song!!! Sit down, shut up and listen” (which is why no-one comes round LOL)

I still don’t know how to sing it proper…
Here’s the lyrics I meant to sing:

Finally - A A J Russe

I see you
Sat on Billy’s arm-rest
Laughing at the doorman
Who would not let us in

Someone said take them off
The clothes you’re almost wearing
Put on your silly costume
And dance into the night

Well I don’t know why Billy’s friends
Would follow us around
Still don’t know how Billy’s friends
Never felt let down

Now I see you
And finally I know you
I wonder why it took so long
And is this how it felt

In a warm room
I leave a little piece of me
I leave it here to be with you
I leave it so you’ll know

I hear you laugh
You’re skipping down the corridor
But you died many years ago
Is this how it felt

Did we not promise from the start
That both of us would win
Close my eyes to hear your voice
Is this how it begins

Now I see you
I finally get to see you
But I can’t feel a thing now
Is this how you felt

Now I see you
And finally I know you
I cannot feel a thing now
Is this how you felt

Copyright (C) 2022 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved.

This Wretched Vessel's avatar
This Wretched Vessel said

First time hearing your stuff. After the first song, I love your writing. I'll be listening through what you have posted for the rest of the day! Completely agree with RPM. I do enjoy it, however this year, my focus was more on songwriting and having fun. Production took a back seat.

Spazsquatch's avatar
Spazsquatch said

Congratulations on the FAWM "win", especially with only 23 days to do it. A great start as well. I share the sentiment on production. Part of me wants to do RPM next year because I wonder if I had too, could I move fast on production? It sounds a lot more exhausting than FAWM, that's for sure.

Luigi's avatar
Luigi said

You sing these words perfectly … I am just in awe of your story telling

Brian J. Kenny's avatar
Brian J. Kenny said

This is kick-ass! You have a great voice and I love your guitar playing. When you have great ingredients like that, you don’t need much more than good material, of which there is plenty here! I am very inspired listening to this. I appreciate you sharing it and I look forward to delving deeper -bjk

will of the sun's avatar
will of the sun said

Sounds great! Impassioned vocals and sweet sounding acoustic guitar. There's just something about simple and sparse arrangements. I can see where you're coming from in regards to RPM, there is a significant difference between writing and production. I think I enjoy the production side of things more, and once I finish with an RPM, I rarely go back and touch it. I'm an inept writer, so the thought of writing 14 songs in a month would give me anxiety!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

That’s a great sounding demo Andrew! I share your thoughts on RPM. I did it for several years, but now I would rather take my time.

Ricia Rae's avatar
Ricia Rae said

Ah! I now read your post....that challenge seems more zen :). I also like that emphasis on the song writing part. You're off to a fabulous start! PS thanks for listening to my stuff - much appreciated. ONWARD WE GO! lol

Ricia Rae's avatar
Ricia Rae said

Wow - glad I found you. I'll chime in with the other comments - that is an amazing demo! The raw guitar and voice gives it an intimate feeling (befitting of the song). Well done! Now I'm listening to the other song that came up....really professional!

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

Well it does it for me, and I find myself agreeing with all that you say ...

Paul Matthews's avatar
Paul Matthews said

Very nice Andrew - and the edge provided by ‘live’ is great for the song 👍👍

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

I love the raw quality of your vocals and just your guitar. Really powerful indeed. Your lyrics touch that place of remembrance of a long ago friend. What might they be like had they stayed around…. Love it!!

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