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Let's All Grow Beards

Brett Warren

and sail around the world
like some permanent celebration.

The continuing adventures aboard the High Powered Love Craft

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Latest Comments

odh said

I’m a bit addicted to this one. I love it.

Brett Warren said

hey, what’s up, thanks odh.

odh said

This came on my ipod this morning. It’s a great song. I had to play it twice.

Brett Warren said


Guest said

I’ve had a few listens before but non were proper..Like your voice - Early Robert Plant:)

Great mood.

Brett Warren said

Thank you, IOC! Glad ya like it.

Let Them Eat Bass said

Nothing more to say than I just love this song. It just makes me happy.

Brett Warren said

thanks for the comments, citizensane, thanks too, james. ‘preciate it!

Guest said

that is, we love your voice.

Guest said

If those guys from that band that’s making all that money took psychadelics then they’d sound better – a little more real, like this one. Please check out ghostroll or rainchild on citizensane site.

Brett Warren said

Thanks very much again, Sandy

Sandy Gritt said

Listening to a bunch of your stuff today. Really amazing work, so much personality in what you do. Quality stuff all the way. Big fan here.

Len Sasso said

I like the nice folksy feel of this.

Dirty Spirits said

like the vast melodic sound scape you created here . guitar sounds great.

Brett Warren said

ha! thanks, Jesmiaus

Will I Ram said

mines growing back in, whew i need to learn to how to just trim it and not have to shave it off all the time. Nice tune man!

facemask93 said

Yeah , i definitely love your voice

Brett Warren said

Thanks very much, ODH. I’m not sure if I really like having a beard or just really hate shaving.

odh said

Funny, I grew a beard for a fortnight, shaved it off yesterday. Got fed up with it.

Love this song though, lovely guitar and voice. Nice one.

Brett Warren said

Thank you, Bethan! Happy you enjoyed it and the other songs.
Thanks too, Cybermonk.

EGRI-Gate said

Totally epic.

Guest said

Uh, let’s all not! But I’ll sail around the world!
Love the song and your vocal.

Brett Warren said

thas what I’m sayn

corbinSound said

we shoould all grow beers

Brett Warren said

yeah! thanks mang.

Movement To Contact said

Don’t mind if I do!! Winters coming fast, it’s time to get my face warmer growin! Nice track!

Brett Warren said

you’re welcome! ha

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

nice and my beard is growing nicely thanks

Brett Warren said


Guest said

fortune fellow traveler

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