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Broken Windows

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This is what can happen if you show up at Greg’s house for a little bit of songwriting fun with plastic cups! Thanks everyone!

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tilden said

This was a wonderful evening!

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Greg Connor said

I noticed that you are getting a lot more fidelity out of your recorder than me. Let's remember that for next time.

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Colleen Dillon said

MORE WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Colleen Dillon said

Another awesome version!!! So fun to hear this. Thanks. It was really fun to harmonize with you!

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Greg Connor said

This is Fun! We may have to do this again in a few weeks. I'm planning to sing this live tomorrow night at the Rosemont Jam. Harley will be playing bass. We could use some harmony if you are free. I wrote another verse, subject to approval and Tweaking: Broken Windows throwing stones I don’t know how to heal these bones I tripped and fell hurt more than my pride If only my woman was by my side I’ve been down this road before I found myself on the cold hard floor I picked myself up and carried on Now my woman, now she’s gone Honey I’m comin, home to you A broken man, who’s sad and Blue I need you back, and I’ll be true Honey I’m comin home to you I’ve spend my life, in foolish ways Makin bad decisions, and then I pay And it hurts me more, than you know I’m Comin home again, broken so MORE WINE!