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Whiskey (Live)

Uploaded .

Whiskey performed by my little group 4B4U.

Gloria - Fiddle & Backup Vocal
Harley - Bass

Tilden - Guitar & Backup Vocal
Greg - Guitar & Vocal

Latest Comments

Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Great stuff!!

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

This is a great track mate

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

Came back for another listen... love that fiddle!

Guest said

Catchy tune folks.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Great band you have there Greg

Bethan Mathis's avatar
Bethan Mathis said

Lovely, laid-back track with a great atmosphere.

Robert Palomo's avatar
Robert Palomo said

Reminds me of the drunk brought into night court: Judge: "Well, what brings you here this time?" Drunk: "Two -hic- p'licemen!" Judge: "Drunk as usual, I see." Drunk: "Yep. Both of 'em."

ckgabrielle's avatar
ckgabrielle said

Great song and all knocked it out of the park. Way to go !

Ron's avatar
Ron said

your new band Greg?? sounds great ..when you guys playin the east coast? outstanding playing ans singing all!!!!

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

You guys sound awesome!!!! This is a great song. Love the vibe you've got going.