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I'm Not Stuck

Colleen Dillon

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Sometimes life tends to repeat itself if you’re not careful…. Good to find a moment to recognize old patterns and shake them off.

Great help on this one from the MN Coffee Table Gang - Greg Connor on guitar and vocals, and Mark Lofgren on guitar

I’m Not Stuck


I’m not stuck
I may be down
But I’m not out
Now I see what this rut was all about
Cuz I’m not stuck
I’m not stuck
I’m not stuck

Verse 1
I’m not too old
I’m not too young
Today’s the day
This life’s begun

From wherever I came
Whatever I’ve done
Make today the future
Let’s have some fun


Verse 2
When someone left you
When someone said you can’t
When you feel fat
In your super skinny pants

Today’s the day
Give yourself a chance
Reach deep down inside
And do a victory dance


© May 2022 Greg Connor, Colleen Dillon all rights reserved

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Pat Bondy said

Lovely melodies in this one. And yes, it's very good to remember: I'm not too old, not too young, and I'm not stuck :)

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Saltyjohn said


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Oceans11 said

Lovely you'all

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H R Music said


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tonycee said

this is a great catchy tune love the vocals and backing ,superb .....cheers tony cee

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tilden said

Very nice song, always like hearing what y'all are up to

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opobonwaotam said

Sounds great...follow back or message via email on😍

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oldfolks2 said

Ooh, a great bit of magic ........ Coffee and Cream .........

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wakyct said

Nice one!

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Greg Connor said

I'm giggling out loud. THAT WAS FUN! Great song Colleen. Thanks for including Mark and I in it.

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