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Drones and Other Melodies

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Drones are nothing new. But I decided it was time to seriously explore them.

For those interested in how these things develop. The drone was developed on my looper pedal by layering guitar sounds that were processed by uPOG and Freeze pedals hanging off the GT-10’s FX loop. The GT-10 itself only had compression, a bit of delay and reverb set.

The picked solo track was just the compression and reverb.

The ebowed solo track was same plus a bit of freeze pedal so that I could create ebow harmonies without multitracking them.

After tracking, I used a slightly new trick on the reverb… I put two different reverbs on two different return tracks. Each of these return tracks were panned hard left and right.

The solo tracks were high passed cutting off everything below 100Hz. The drone track had the same treatment but slightly less aggressive to leave the low A relatively unmolested.

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Guest said

Got me thinking about mountainous regions in India. Very nice!

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Movement To Contact said

whew....that is one very cool track..

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Movement To Contact said

Stunning, just stunning....hmmmm freeze pedal.....i think i need one too.....

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kirklynch said

This is Gorgeous! I'm with Kavin- I need a freeze pedal too

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coelocanth said

Lonely, desolate sounds. Thanks for the in-depth. Apparently I need a freeze pedal.

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Nosda Cariad said

Beautiful! I keep getting images from Apocalypse Now, I don't know why, but this really is good. - Dl'd