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up in the dark blue (allenson/kervinen/oldani/smith/sundstrom)

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ImprovFriday mashup (10/8/10) feat. Kavin Allenson, J-P Kervinen, Norbert Oldani, Ben Smith & Roger Sundstrom.

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coelocanth said

Superb mash! Thanks for including me. Kavin.

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Cave Street said

This sounds like it could have come off of the "Infrared Roses" album... *most excellent!*

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skiks/bruce hamilton said

thanks guys. I've been busy and have catching up to do on this site...looking forward to more listening! as for this track (and many others in this category) it's a mashup of stuff from improvfriday.ning ; basically there's a weekly "event" where brand new stuff gets posted (improv-based or written for IF) and then some of us do quick mashes and post within the same event. sometimes the mashes leave the originals somewhat intact, sometimes it's a full-blown reorganization of materials. the main thing for me is it's fun as fuck!

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Reefwalker said

great distracted music build up-and fairly organized for this kind of improv with (5) ? others

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kirklynch said

Damn- this is out there but really interesting!

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mmi said

holy crap; chance discovery (for me) teh awesome!