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Piano Sonata 3 movement 4... with Bongos

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Ok, so I’m just a percussionist, and if your only tool is a hammer, the entire world looks like a nail. I get it. And I also get that our songs are our children, so we should be very careful about whom we let them play with.

When I first heard Vaisvil’s Piano Sonata 3, movement 4, I was intrigued but I had to have him send me a score to understand what meter it was transcribed in (it’s a confusing piece, which I suspect is genetic). But I couldn’t resist taking his beautiful kid down to the Cuban district, where I introduced him to a rummy Cajon player, a beautiful Latin dancer and a bonguero enjoying a huge Habana cigar. I returned the child to Vaisvil in the morning, safe and sound, but forever changed. He replied that the change was “original”. As musicians, we all have an understanding of the term “original”. I don’t need to explain it to you.

So, I decided to post this without Vaisvil’s consent (it is easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission), because I love this piece, and I always have a small Caribbean smile on my face when I hear it. I hope you, gentle listener, do too - I leave it up to you to determine the meter.

Guest said

Wait. Interweb. How long should I wait for your collective response? 10 years now. Still nothing?

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Ghostman said

You is phat.

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Ghostman said

have you ever played the pipes? You'd make a good paed piper.

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Norm said

HaHaHa! I am still laughing at you, the collective interweb. No idea, right? Then admit defeat. I am the only person on earth who can conquer this melody. (Not really vain, just looking for mathematical discussion.)

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thetworegs said

Love it ....way too short .....but I suppose .....thats Original pieces for just get into them and there gone and your left wondering so you play it again's double player for sure but I still ....stand by it and way too short.....

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Norm said

well, I've given you guys a couple years to answer this.What is the time signature on this piece? Can you snap your fingers to it? Didn't think so. Chris, this is a master piece. I just love it still.

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Lena & Irina Panfilova said

Thank you for your nice comments,let us say that you have a lot of very interesting ideas using you percussion,here and there!

Guest said

Talk about original! This was fun to listen to. Thanks for sharing.

Guest said

being so high up in those awesome blueridge mountains must be good for the musical soul. :) Thanks for sharing.

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alexisfromtexas said

You're funny. I just hope now that his child has had a taste of the caribbean flavor, that he doesn't go to pot.

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launched said

How did I miss this? Very cool and original - No idea how you managed to perfectly sync with the piano. Love it, though. (And yes, it was a while ago, but I still miss my dog. You never get over it do you? But I really see the humor in a sad dude pining away over his lost dog, too!)

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richardlaceves said

fun piece of music