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I just improvised again this night and wanted to share what came out. Usually I’m such a perfectionist and have to get every detail right, with the effect that I don’t share a lot of stuff that I do.

Here I recorded the first voice and tried to fit the 2nd voice while listening to the 1st one. When it didn’t work out at all I cut the 2nd voice, but apart from that I didn’t do any editing. Which feels great! I probably should take the parts that I really liked and write something that fits really well together, add other voices,.. but I don’t want to.

I hope you can enjoy the sometimes chaotic melodies. I played on my modern (normal) violin with gut strings. I got it from my grandmother and it was perhaps made by her grand uncle.


Zero Incentive and the Bluffs's avatar
Zero Incentive and the Bluffs said

Your playing is wonderful!

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igor said

In the beginning there was a voice. ~Was it a voice or an echo of yesteryear?~ Was this that first voice that sometimes descends from the misty mountains in the morning? ... Am Anfang war eine Stimme...

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Wrinkled Shirt said

Off the bat i really like the violin playing and it's calmness like almost walking back in time to some old eastern European Jewish village market.

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markus4lonetone said

Thank you for the comments! It encourages me to continue exploring and focus a bit less on the classical goal of recreating and interpreting old masterpieces.

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AMUC said

It feels like you're putting a piece of yourself into the violin while playing it. That's really tricky to do for those of us who program synthesizers.

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Len Sasso said

Lovely -- don't mess with it ;).

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Greg Connor said

this is beautiful!