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Pure Land

Uploaded .

Written and Recorded April 18, 2010

Some people accidentally delete tracks…I accidentally kept this one :)

Details: Epiphone Les Paul (DADGAD, Capo III), Seymour Duncan Pickups, POD XT, Boss RC-20 Looper, Audacity.

Brett Warren's avatar
Brett Warren said

Yeah... damn, dude, you're good.

Norm's avatar
Norm said

I love your steel guitar work...

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

Great song! nice

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

Excellent track Doug :) w;-)

Guest said

Very Cool Doug.

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yelyah said

Lovely! Keep on accidentally keeping these pieces! :)

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richardlaceves said

well played

launched's avatar
launched said

Very cool picking and I like how it blends into something mystical in the end.

sixmilewide's avatar
sixmilewide said

Has a real country feel!, nice tune.

Guest said

Like spinning, very cool!

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Wildgeas Music said

As usual great sounding guitars Mr. Sparling.

Guest said

Doug, Another beautiful, upbeat song. I can visualize standing in the Flint Hills and listening to this.

Guest said


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kirklynch said

Glad you accidentally kept it! Cool!

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kavin. said

What a pleasure to wake up to this. Thank ye Doug!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one Doug like it mate very cool.