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Nothing Unkind

Lyrics by Jeff Adams.

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SonicLuke said

Mr. Garvey this is really beautiful.

Guest said

Even beter than change - maybe i should just listen to all of the tunes and then send one MASSIVE compliment pal - great work!

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Endicott Road said

Very tender song. Nicely done.

Guest said

Wonderful, beautiful…

Your voice just gets better and better.

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sixmilewide said

neat track! cool.

Guest said

that’s really good. sure wish I could sing. I like the melody and voice..the flowing quality… and gee-tar…

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Gilbert Neilson said

Very heartfelt performance. Good job!

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launched said

Yes - I love it.

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kirklynch said

Most excellent Sir!

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Gumbo said

And they’re off …!

good start Mr Garvey

can you get some horns on it?

I love horns

Guest said

Well constructed, great mix. The sound quality is excellent. Top notch

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Mr Sandbags said

Beautiful! Not wasting any time getting started are you? :-)

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transmit said

Nice work, and a nice start to RPM 2010! :-)

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another cultural landslide said

Colin, this is BEAUTIFUL! I love your soulful voice. I LOVE THIS TRACK! Excellent work :)