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All That You Were

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I might have put a few harmonies on this oneā€¦

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Cave Street's avatar
Cave Street said

well done sir

Tharek Ali Mokbul's avatar
Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Damn Bro!!!!!!!!!!! Your sound is Amazing!!! The sound is so Pure!!! Awesome mixes as well! Is this a band or is it Just you? Sublime!

Endicott Road's avatar
Endicott Road said

Love the harmonies. ER

transmit's avatar
transmit said

This is so pleasing to listen to!

launched's avatar
launched said

This is the sh*t, man! Right on the edge, so cool - And the Frusciante style lead is great!

Gumbo's avatar
Gumbo said

Very Nice Mr Choirvey! Love the shifts within it.

Endicott Road's avatar
Endicott Road said

Love your harmonies. I wish I could do as well. I agree. Another good one indeed. ER

Guest said

Good one.